Brands We Trust


Designs for Health is a professional brand, offered exclusively to health care professionals and their patients through referral. We firmly believe that the health care practitioner plays a key role in maximizing the therapeutic benefit to patients. As such, we do not sell through online or "brick and mortar" retail outlets. --

Many of the products we recommend and carry at Golden Health Pharmacy are designed and manufactured by Designs for Health. We believe that their products have the potential to help numerous health issues and we have witnessed countless success stories using their protocols with our clients.


For over 40 years, Biotics Research Corporation has revolutionized the nutritional supplement industry by utilizing “The Best of Science and Nature”.  Combining nature’s principles with scientific ingenuity, our products magnify the nutritional benefits to clinicians and their patients with cost-effective, leading edge supplements and enhanced product performance. We drive advancement by focusing our initiatives on research, natural effectiveness, unparalleled quality control and continuing innovation. --

Biotics is a brand we know and trust. Their commitment to creating products with only the highest quality ingredients, ensuring bioavailability, and leaving out all unnecessary food dyes, fillers and gluten, are only some of the reasons we recommend their products to our clients. 


For over 30 years, our dedication to scientific discovery, unparalleled quality, and practitioner partnerships has positioned us as an industry leader in functional nutrition.
Supplements are powerful tools. Under the guidance of a trusted practitioner, they can deliver profound health benefits. To help patients achieve their health and wellness goals, we forge long-lasting partnerships with practitioners across disciplines and deliver nutritional solutions that work. --

Metagenics is committed to designing solutions for their clients. They understand individual differences and custom needs because they appreciate that we are all genetically unique. Their supplements are filled with high-quality ingredients that deliver true results.


"...Even if you have chosen evidence-based ingredients and provided them in a superior form, the formula will not work if the dosages are too small. That’s why Ortho Molecular Products always include the right therapeutic dosing of each ingredient, based on established research. This approach is what separates good supplements from great supplements — formulas that truly help patients get better faster." --

Ortho Molecular has a commitment to high quality and high standards of manufacturing for their products. We trust them because they understand the difference between supplements that actually work and those that do not. Our clients have had great success using Ortho Molecular supplements.


At Thorne, we refuse to take short cuts. We have invested in doing comprehensive testing, sourcing the highest quality ingredients, creating a clean manufacturing process, and protecting the environment. Our team of medical professionals, researchers, and engineers lead with science, thoughtfully refining every product and process. --

Thorne Research develops products with the client in mind. They consider allergens, clinical research, origins of their ingredients, and contaminants while developing their products, and always strive to be transparent with their processes.