Susan G.
Burke, VA

I visited several doctors and tried everything to help with my low energy and sluggishness. Because I run a daycare, lasting energy is necessary for me to be able to do my job. While desperately needing and seeking help, I met Elsa at an event. I was hesitant at first to listen to her suggestions, as so many doctors had failed to help me. But I decided to give her a chance, and it paid off. Within a week I began noticing my sugar cravings diminish, and my sleep improve. The micronutrient testing and individual consultation revealed why I felt so terrible – I even showed signs of being pre-diabetic. Elsa then guided me to the nutrients my body needed but lacked. Now, I sleep 7 – 8 hours every night. I wake up full of energy and my joints no longer ache. I don’t need to take any of the medications I used to, nor am I pre-diabetic anymore! Working with Elsa, my relationship to food completely changed. Before, I thought I knew everything I needed to know about food and nutrition, but I was wrong. Now I know how to be mindful of the foods I choose to nourish my body, and my digestion has significantly improved. I recommend Golden Health Pharmacy to anyone who will listen – they empowered me to live my best life. 

         – Susan of Susan's Day Care

Mathew G.
Sterling, VA

I came into Golden Health Pharmacy because I decided I wanted to focus more on my wellbeing and had never paid much attention to my nutrition. After completing the 21-day VegeCleanse Plus (TM) detox program, and then the 14-day Lean Body (TM) program, I've experienced big changes in the way I think about my health and how I'm nourishing my body. On the program I have lost 10 pounds. The program includes a nutritional booklet that was very helpful for keeping the weight off, and committing to healthier eating habits even after the program ended. Furthermore, Elsa and Melvin answered any questions I had and guided me throughout the programs. I learned to buy organic produce rich in nutrients, instead of spending the same amount of money eating unhealthy foods outside, and now I am committed to eating clean, organic food. Understanding what my body needs and investing in my health while I'm young has been a rewarding experience, and it will continue to pay off. I always enjoy going to Golden Health Pharmacy.

         – Mathew

Laurie J. for her cats, Sabrina & Emma
Ashburn, VA

I want you to know how important it is that I can get this compound even one day early. My cat is in pain now, and that one day makes all the difference. I get so much help here at Golden Health. They’ve helped both of my cats get the care they need by making me custom compounds. One of my cats is 19 years old and still healthy! I always tell my veterinarian I want to use Golden Health Pharmacy for my compounding.


Connie C.
Great Falls, VA

I was in a lot of pain after I fell on hard concrete and impacted my face. I immediately came to Golden Health Pharmacy. Elsa and Melvin suggested I take Intenzyme Forte, so I took it only a few hours after my fall. I was amazed at the results and so were my friends: there was no swelling or bruising in the area and I healed quickly. I want more people to know about this product. I’m so glad I asked Golden Health Pharmacy for help!


Cassandra B.
Round Hill, VA

My daughter has constantly sprained her bones since 4th grade, with hardly any impact to them. Then in middle school, she broke her foot walking down the stairs and we knew we had to do something. We found Golden Health Pharmacy and decided to do the micronutrient test about one year ago. Elsa interpreted the results for us and revealed that Cassandra was actually living in the body of a 35 year old person! She lived every day at a higher level of anxiety. Even though she ate well, she wasn't absorbing nutrients from her food, so Elsa created a protocol for her. Within 6 months, we could tell a difference. She heals faster now, and hasn't broken or sprained a single bone in a year. 

          Cindy, Cassandra's mother

Suzie C.
Fairfax, VA

I met Elsa at a health fair in Oakton. She encouraged me to focus more on my health, so I came into Golden Health Pharmacy. I love to come here! Elsa and Melvin are wonderful. I'm always spreading the word about the work they do, and how passionate they are. I had a micronutrient test done and met with Elsa to discuss the results. Since then, my cholesterol has dropped, I've done the detox cleanse several times, my cravings have gone down, and I just feel better.

         – Suzie